Society of Estonian Areal Studies

26. veebruar, 2012

Society of Estonian Areal Studies (SEAS) was founded on the 21st of April 1939 at the Estonian Academy of Sciences. Society carried its operations also during the years of the Second World War and survived until the Soviet occupation. The Society was halted, but areal studies were carried on. Restoration of the Society was unthinkable. Nevertheless, enthusiastic patriotic scientists have found a way for a new organization. The Committee of Areal Studies was established at the Soviet Estonian Academy of Sciences. The committee continued the activities known from the pre-war society. The continuing research on areal matters has been probably the only nation wide movement in Estonia supporting the survival of Estonian identity throughout the occupation years. Thousands of enthusiasts have taken part in that.
The Society of Estonian Areal Studies was refounded on the 17th of January 1990. The agreement of association with Estonian Academy of Sciences was concluded on the 27th of January 1998.
SEAS has 223 active members at the moment and hundreds of enthusiast taking part in areal research countrywide.